Roofing Materials

Good Evening, Fellow Neighbors!

With all of the houses being repaired in our neighborhood and the surrounding area, the bad guys have decided to redo their own roofs with a unique patchwork pattern.  They are creating the unique pattern by using the roofing tiles that your roofing guys have generously left out for them while work is being done on your roof.  For those of you needing roof repairs or have some in progress, you might want to get your roofing companies to leave the stuff on the roof or in a more secure area than on the driveway.  I would think that any theft would be the roofing company’s responsibility but would still impact you with additional headaches and delays that are not really necessary when you have everything else going on.

Also, as a reminder, there are a lot of strangers in our neighborhood doing various repairs.  Most of them appear to be decent, hard-working individuals (okay, mostly men, but don’t want to get some ladies pissed off at me by saying that they are men); however, there may be and probably is at least one bad guy in the crowd so continue to be on guard with you and your property.

Try to stay cool and make sure that your four-legged friends have plenty of shade and fresh water while they are enjoying the sights and sounds of your backyard.