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As a follow up to our recent notice regarding roofing companies, a number of neighbors have contacted us offering to provide recommendations for particular roofing companies and offering to talk with any other neighbors who might like additional information.  While the neighborhood association itself does not endorse any particular company, please feel free to leave any personal recommendation that you may have in the comments to this post (click the comments link to the left to view existing comments as well as if you would like to leave a comment).  Please include at least your name and the street that you live on in the Meadows in the comment itself.  The system requires that you fill out the name and email fields as well to leave a comment, but this information will not be included in the post (unless you also add it in the comment field).  In order to try and avoid spam and postings by roofing companies directly, we reserve the right to delete any comments that do not sufficiently identify the poster or that are made by someone who is not a resident of the Meadows.

10 thoughts on “Roofing Company Recommendations

  1. Angie

    We highly recommend Remedy Roofing. Joel ( has been incredibly helpful and patient, never intrusive or pushy. He walked us through the process, explained everything and provided materials and documents to support what he said. They are a GAF master elite contractor and are fully insured and licensed. Great company and great guys who are in the Dallas area. Joel (713) 446-6632 (area code from home office, although Joel and team here).

  2. Cliff newby

    Cliff and Lauren Newby 7121 Lakehurst Ave

    My brother is an estimator for Accutech Roofing. They are DFW local versus some of the storm chasers we have been seeing in the neighborhood. They do residential and commercial and have all the appropriate licenses.. They will walk you through the insurance process every step of the way.

    They are listed on Angies List and the BBB.

    You can view their site at or call them at 817.516.8700 –ask for Russell Newby

  3. Stuart Prescott

    I’ve used Bert Roofing for both of my houses for many years and found them to totally stand by their work. If you’re looking for one of those guys to “cover your deductible”, they may not be your best choice. They’re by the book. But honest, prompt and reliable. Their work is excellent. 214-321-9341. Please let them know I gave you their name.

  4. Wyman Elrod

    Scott Exteriors (Joe Clifford) installed a class 4 impact resistant shingle roof in Spring 2012. It doesn’t appear to be damaged but I’ll have it inspected. I really like Joe Clifford who lives in Lake Highlands. Scott Exteriors replaced a Glendora roof and has done other work in The Meadows – in business since 1997 and owned by Kirk & Christine Scott. Scott also installs windows and siding.

    Staz On Roofing installed the standing seam metal portion which was extensively dented. Staz On would not be my first choice again. I am looking for a company to repair a foggy window unrelated to the hail storm. Good luck everyone!
    7107 Briarmeadow Dr.

  5. Caroline Rogers

    In the Meadows we have Brian Moulter, a competent roofer who was a neighbor on Lakehurst and will be living on Mimosa for several months this summer, with a LOCAL firm of 10 years experience. And, we have Damon Hawkins whose firm also has a history of satisfaction in our neighborhood. Both Brian and Damon know how to work with your insurance company. Brian’s phone is: (214) 202-6544. Damon’s is (469) 463-6145. Note that both of their numbers are local.

    Here is what to do: Call your insurance company and KNOW your deductible. Take as many pictures of your damage (not just to your roof) as you can. Damage elsewhere shows the destructive power of the hail even when not on the roof.

    Here is what to avoid:
    1. Anyone emerging from a truck with a magnetic sign.
    2. Anyone who can’t produce a Texas driver’s license.
    3. Most of the young and innocent looking salesmen are sent out simply due to their looks: honest and fresh-faced. They have little to no experience.
    4. Anyone who does not OFFER multiple references. Brian and Damon’s firms have done many homes just in our area alone.
    5. Anyone who tries to hard-sell or makes promises that seem too good to be true.
    6. Anyone who wants you to sign a contract immediately.

  6. Brian Molter

    One thing I didn’t see on your list was to make sure the contractor you choose to work with is local. We will begin to see over the next few days/weeks a lot of out of town “storm chasers” who travel around the country helping with storm repairs. I would be very wary of using a contractor who is not from the DFW area, because if any problems occur after they get paid, it can be difficult to get a response on any warranty issues. There is a simple way to make sure someone is local-ask them and if they say they are, tell them to produce a Texas drivers license. Brian Molter

  7. Sandy Cohen

    Just in case someone asks, we have used Griffith Roofing for years, both for our house and commercially. They are honest and they are very good at what they do. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

  8. RIck Hayslett

    1) Don’t be in a hurry. If your roof is not leaking, try to wait until Fall to make repairs. Right now it is like a Gold Rush. Roofing companies are staffing up for huge loads of work. Some contractors will be filling-out their crews with inexperienced labor, just to get to their contracts as soon as possible. They will also be working in the worst possible conditions for roofers: High heat. There may a tendency to get the job done quickly to get off the roof and out of the heat.

    Be aware that we will have a great many strangers in the area with easy alibis for their presence (“I am on a work crew” or ” I am scouting for hail damage”). Keep gates and doors secure.

    RIck Hayslett
    7147 Mimosa Lane

  9. Charlyne Young

    I’m working with Stay-Dri roofing, a family owned business from Duncanville. They came out and inspected the roof last Thursday, helped me with the call to the insurance company and met the insurance inspector at my house yesterday. While meeting with the insurance company the roofer pointed out all of the issues including my fence and solar landscape lights which were also damaged. They have gone over and above to help. I suggest that you at least talk with them and check the references they provide. Contact name is Buck Lewis, phone 972-740-9279, email website http://www.stadryroofinginc. net

  10. Sandra Newberg

    I have a lifelong friend in the roofing business. Our insurance company is replacing our roof, and our friend will be over on Tuesday to discuss the roof replacement. If you are interested in contacting him, please call:
    Steve Toby (Signature Roofing) – 972-805-6466. Be sure to tell him that Sandra Newberg “sent” you. The majority of his customers lived in Park Cities, so he has good references. We live on the corner of Fieldgate and Walnut Hill, and the adjuster told us that our roof had some of the worst damage he had seen, since we are on the corner without a buffer from Walnut Hill. We lost our patio furniture as well, and our ins. company is covering that expense as well as fence damage. Call me if you would like to discuss: 214-801-7992 (cell), 214-855-8701 (w), or 214-692-1010 (h).

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