Meadows Neighborhood Found to be Safest south of LBJ by the Dallas Morning News

Hi, Meadows Neighbors — There is a wonderful article on the Meadows neighborhood in yesterday’s Neighbors Go section of the Dallas Morning News.   The Meadows was spotlighted as the safest neighborhood south of LBJ.  We all already know how nice it is to live in the Meadows.  Now it is nice that everyone knows.

In case you don’t get the DMN, here is a link that will allow you to read the article.

While I really appreciated the wonderful press the DMN gave us, I need to point out that I was misquoted while being interviewed  I NEVER said that, before we moved to the Meadows, our neighborhood had “no cohesiveness” and did not say that there was “no crime watch and no patrolling”.  Why would we have wanted to move into a neighborhood like that???  We knew from friends that lived here that this was a great area, we wanted to live near to the schools and we limited our search to the Meadows boundaries.  We also knew that, in the years before we moved here, Tim Chapman, First Watch and the Crime Watch block captains had made a major difference in the safety of the neighborhood.

The Meadows has been a fabulous place to live from day one and, twelve years later, it just keeps getting better.  It’s the neighbors who make the difference.  We are glad that this is our home.

Karen Peterson