Crimewatch- roofing materials

Good morning, Fellow Neighbors!

While the roofing re-dos are winding down, we are still seeing several homes getting their new roofing tiles removed from the property in the wee hours of the night.

Apparently, the bad guys have not finished their patch work pattern yet or have decided to help Mama with hers.  With the size of the homes in our neighborhood, I also suspect this may be part of a scam on the insurance companies for folks needing roofs on smaller houses, so the bad guys can get the money and run.  Oy!

Word of advice for folks still needing roof repairs, get your roofing guys to deliver the tiles as they need them and put them directly on the roof.

Also, with the plethera of roofing signs still in the neighborhood, we are giving the bad guys targets to watch and pounce when Mama tells them to help out the cousin.