Crime Watch Update

Good Morning, Fellow Neighbors!

The following article was in the Preston Hollow Advocate and is related to folks going door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions:

Also, I have gotten a report of an attempt to get in a  garage door to gain access to the house.  Somehow the bad guys are forcing the garage door (usually the aluminum type) in at the top near where the garage door opener is attached to the garage door.  They are trying to get to a point where they can pull on the emergency handle that will take the garage door off of the opener track allowing it to be opened manually.  Once that is done, they can open the garage door and gain access to the contents of the garage, and, for most of us who leave the door between the garage and the living area of our house unlocked, to our home’s interiors.

It is a good idea to keep the door between the house and your garage locked so the contents inside your house are secure if this ever happens to you.