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Meadows May Newsletter

For those who did not get it via email here is the May edition of the Meadows Newsletter.  For those who do things at the last minute, today is the last day to get in your orders for the spring flower sale.  Also, the spring fling paty is still being planned with a date in May or early June expected.  So keep an eye on your email for the date and time.

If you did not receive the newsletter via email, please contact us at and let us know your name, address, and email address so we can add you to the neighborhood distribution list.

Meadows Neighborhood Found to be Safest south of LBJ by the Dallas Morning News

Hi, Meadows Neighbors — There is a wonderful article on the Meadows neighborhood in yesterday’s Neighbors Go section of the Dallas Morning News.   The Meadows was spotlighted as the safest neighborhood south of LBJ.  We all already know how nice it is to live in the Meadows.  Now it is nice that everyone knows.

In case you don’t get the DMN, here is a link that will allow you to read the article.

While I really appreciated the wonderful press the DMN gave us, I need to point out that I was misquoted while being interviewed  I NEVER said that, before we moved to the Meadows, our neighborhood had “no cohesiveness” and did not say that there was “no crime watch and no patrolling”.  Why would we have wanted to move into a neighborhood like that???  We knew from friends that lived here that this was a great area, we wanted to live near to the schools and we limited our search to the Meadows boundaries.  We also knew that, in the years before we moved here, Tim Chapman, First Watch and the Crime Watch block captains had made a major difference in the safety of the neighborhood.

The Meadows has been a fabulous place to live from day one and, twelve years later, it just keeps getting better.  It’s the neighbors who make the difference.  We are glad that this is our home.

Karen Peterson

Nextdoor Neighborhood Network

Good morning, Fellow Neighbors!

I just sent an invitation to those of you on my database about for a tool directly aimed at the Meadows neighborhood.  I was contacted about this website by a friend of mine at church for stuff they are doing in their neighborhood.  I was also contacted directly by an officer with the DPD about getting this started for our neighborhood.   It is an online tool that the fine folks at DPD are now using to get the word out to all of us on matters that may not appear to be very important to us as residents of the Meadows but something for us to think about.  I have signed up for this and am awaiting an address verification (phone call, post card, or credit card charge of $.01)  before I can see full details of the site.  It appears to be sophisticated enough so that I can change my address and get automatically linked to my new neighborhood should I ever move.  It also means that folks that are part of this site and move in to our neighborhood will be automatically connected with our neighborhood.  I have already been able to see that there are posts from the North Central Dallas division of the DPD on stuff like the panhandlers that walk are streets around busy intersections, information about general categories of crimes that are taking place in other neighborhoods around us so we can be on the lookout for the same activity, and information related to door-to-door solicitations that may be a scam that the police are already aware of.  I have also seen that there is an online and up-to-date directory for those of us that live in the meadows (name and address only).  The directory can be sorted by name or address.  I hope you will join me in signing up for this very important tool for all of us to be safe and secure in our own homes and to be fully aware of things that are going on around us that we might not even see or pay attention to.



Meadows Fall Flower Sale

Hello, all of my good friends and neighbors,

Please open the attached order form and associated Letter for the fall plant sale and return the completed order form along with a check for your purchases to 7116 Blairview Dr by next Wednesday evening (10/24).  The plants that you order will be delivered to your home next Saturday (10/27) morning.

If you have any questions about the plants themselves please contact Gena at the number listed, or if you have questions regarding delivery, please call Keith at 214-546-9375.

Thanks in advance for your orders.



Meadows Neighborhood Update

HI, Meadows neighbors — I am pleased to announce that Lakehurst neighbor, Caroline Rogers, has offered to take over the position of Communications for the Meadows neighborhood.  Caroline has much work and volunteer experience and will be a great asset to our community.   I know you will welcome and appreciate her efforts.
In this email, I am including (see below) a few last bits of information that may be of interest to our neighbors.  In the future, you may address your comments to Caroline at  I know she would welcome any contributions you may have for future newsletters.
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful support over the past few years.  I am looking forward to receiving newsletters from someone else in the future!!

Karen Peterson

Meadows Plant Sale
The Meadows will again have a fall plant sale.  Forms will be sent out this
weekend and we will take orders from then until Wednesday, October 24, with
delivery to your door on Saturday, October 27.  

Don't forget the chili cook-off!!
Sunday, October 28, 2012
3:00 to 5:30pm
(More details to follow)

Hillcrest High School Parade Info

Everybody loves a good parade and the annual Hillcrest Homecoming parade is no exception! Please join students, parents and teachers in the big celebration of Homecoming with the parade beginning at 5:15pm in front of the school with floats and candy being tossed, followed by some great tailgating on Lakehurst that will include a couple of FOOD TRUCKS and music and then topped with a fantastic finish of Panther football -kickoff at 7:30 pm . It all starts this Friday, October 19, 2012 at 4pm. We look forward to seeing everyone there!  Bring the entire family, Meadows neighbors!!

Preston Hollow Elementary Annual Poinsettia Sale

Preston Hollow Elementary School students and parents sell poinsettia plants to help raise money for our school.

These plants are truly beautiful.

The money raised will help the PTA  fund scholarships,  the RIF program, special assemblies, science workshops, technology and much more.  Last year the PTA was able to fund a new playground addition, shade canopy and updated basketball goals.

8”   Pot – $18.00

Red, White or Pink

12 – 18 inches tall

10 – 15 Blooms

1 foot wide

($30 – $45 at a florist)

10” Pot – $28.00

Red or Pink

2 – 3 feet tall

30+ Blooms

2 feet wide

($60 – $75 at a florist)

14” Bowl – $28.00

Red or Pink

12 – 18 inches tall

10 – 15 blooms + fern

18” wide

($50 – $65 at a florist)_

All orders are to be paid in advance.

Checks are made payable to Preston Hollow Elementary PTA.

Credit cards may be used by visiting and clicking on the “poinsettia” link.

Sale ends November 16th.  Plants are to be picked up on November 29th  in the school gymnasium. 

Contact Meadows neighbor, Beth Glispin, at 214-394-8581 or if you would like to place an order or have questions regarding these plants.