Burglary on Briarmeadow

Good morning, Fellow Neighbors!

I have been notified that there was a burglary in the 7100 Block of Briarmeadow at approximately 1:00p in the afternoon of June 4th. This occured in the side of Briarmeadow that has the alleyway next to Walnut Hill.

The suspects entered the home through the patio glass door. An extensive amount of property was removed during the crime and ransacked the entire home looking for stuff.

I don’t have any other details at this time.

With the summer here, we all need to be vigilant about keeping gates locked, doors locked, and anything else that we can do to indicate that someone is in the house — leave a TV/stereo loud enough to be heard to the outside. This is especially true with our yard service folks and anyone else that might be in the neighborhood and on the lookout for people leaving their homes.

It is also a good idea to make sure that your alarm systems are armed when you leave to help protect your property.

If I hear of any other details on the Briarmeadow incident, I will be passing them along.