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Christmas Tree Recycling

The Dallas Sanitation Department reminds you…It doesn’t matter where you bought it.  This year, recycle your live Christmas tree at any Home Depot store in Dallas, from December 26 to January 7.

11255 Garland Road – Dallas, Texas 75218

11468 Grissom Lane – Dallas, Texas 75229

6110 Lemmon Avenue – Dallas, Texas 75209

6000 Skillman – Dallas, Texas 75231

2610 Fort Worth Avenue – Dallas, Texas 75211

2901 W. Wheatland Road – Dallas, Texas 75237

11682 Forest Central Drive – Dallas, Texas 75243

Remove all tinsel, ornaments, lights, nails and tree stands before dropping off your tree.  Call the Waste Diversion Hotline at 214-670-4475 if you need additional information. This program is a community partnership between Home Depot and the City of Dallas supported through the Sanitation Services Department.

City of Dallas Launches PayByPhone Parking for Meters

Dallas The City of Dallas and PayByPhone Technologies have launched pay by phone parking, a convenient alternative to using cash at the meter. PayByPhone allows drivers to pay for metered parking with a credit or debit card using a smartphone app or by dialing a toll free number.
“PayByPhone can also send users a text message reminder five minutes before their meter expires, giving them the option to extend their parking session,” said Parking Enforcement Manager Paul Curington “If you’re stuck in a meeting, enjoying dinner or just want to spend more time shopping, you can add parking time from wherever you are without worrying about getting a ticket.”
PayByPhone street teams will be at 2630 Commerce St. Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. and at Main Street Gardens Saturday Nov. 16 from 4 to 8 p.m. to promote the service, answer questions and help customers sign up.

For a free PayByPhone account, download the Smartphone app (iOS, Android, and Blackberry supported), or visit Don’t have a smartphone? Call 1-888-680-7275, follow the voice prompts and set up an account to pay for parking with a credit or debit card. One time registration is quick and easy and all information is securely saved. (A 35 cent convenience fee is charged for each transaction).