Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nextdoor Neighborhood Network

Good morning, Fellow Neighbors!

I just sent an invitation to those of you on my database about for a tool directly aimed at the Meadows neighborhood.  I was contacted about this website by a friend of mine at church for stuff they are doing in their neighborhood.  I was also contacted directly by an officer with the DPD about getting this started for our neighborhood.   It is an online tool that the fine folks at DPD are now using to get the word out to all of us on matters that may not appear to be very important to us as residents of the Meadows but something for us to think about.  I have signed up for this and am awaiting an address verification (phone call, post card, or credit card charge of $.01)  before I can see full details of the site.  It appears to be sophisticated enough so that I can change my address and get automatically linked to my new neighborhood should I ever move.  It also means that folks that are part of this site and move in to our neighborhood will be automatically connected with our neighborhood.  I have already been able to see that there are posts from the North Central Dallas division of the DPD on stuff like the panhandlers that walk are streets around busy intersections, information about general categories of crimes that are taking place in other neighborhoods around us so we can be on the lookout for the same activity, and information related to door-to-door solicitations that may be a scam that the police are already aware of.  I have also seen that there is an online and up-to-date directory for those of us that live in the meadows (name and address only).  The directory can be sorted by name or address.  I hope you will join me in signing up for this very important tool for all of us to be safe and secure in our own homes and to be fully aware of things that are going on around us that we might not even see or pay attention to.